Common questions.

Below you will find the most common questions our clients ask our education advisors. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact the live chat.

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Frequently asked questions.

Understanding our service is of big importance to us and our customers. Here we have gathered the most common questions our clients ask us. The process of buying a degree is not a common service and you won’t be able to find it easily. Most of the universities worldwide don’t offer this service to their students because it is not a popular opinion to graduate students based on their expertise this way they can’t charge you for campus fees, student books, and lectures.

Make your own calculations of how much does it cost to rent a space where to live for four years, buy all the books needed for lectures, and hire people to educate you. Universities make their profits from the name they have built through the years and the trust people put in them. So if you have the skill for the degree and only need the certificate to prove that you can do the job we at don’t think you should pay all those fees we think you need to have what you deserve!

What is our service?

We offer bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, DBA & Ph.D. certifications from various reputable universities. We offer degrees from genuine and reputable English-speaking Universities; with full accreditation. You can pick any courses of your choice and any year of your choice. 

Is this legal to buy college degree?

The service we provide is absolutely legal. We help you contact reputable UK universities and it’s their decision if they are willing to graduate you based on your working experience or skill.

Understand how we help?

Our company only provides degree certification from selected reputable and accredited universities. In simpler terms, these universities exist, are accredited, have real campuses, and do offer the targeted degree courses. We do not offer diplomas or degree mills. (real-life experience degree) 

Is your service Diploma Mill?

First of all, we DO NOT sell diploma mills. To find out what is a diploma mill, you can check the link here. To purchase and own an online or life experience degree is easy. You create a University name, print good quality paper, and then create a bogus accreditation body and thereafter make a HUGE claim such degree is indeed accredited. Such degree will then be justified by claiming to the buyers as “life experience” certification and is equivalent and/or at par with a regular degree. That is indeed plain fraud and/or scam. 

What is the process of buying a college degree?

  • You fill the application form
  • We send it to a few universities
  • Student advisor contacts you and helps you with documents
  • Then the university/college graduates you
  • Sometimes few exams are needed, which we help you with
  • The university grants your degree
  • You pay to the university
  • We ship your degree

How do I pay?

You can pay us through our secured online ordering page. We accept various methods of payment, subject to your country of residence.  

Can I choose my graduation date?

It is possible to choose your graduation date if it is in the range from the 2000s to 2021. The option for the previous year’s graduation requires more documents. But it is possible.

What I get at final point?

When you order your degree package from us, you get a set of free documents along with your degree and transcript. The following are the contents of your degree package: 

  • Original accredited degree certificate (embossed with the university’s seal)
  • Set of every respective year examination results
  • Offer letter from the university
  • Congratulation letter upon graduation
  • Certification/completion letter
  • Hardcover folder 

How long does the process take?

The process usually depends on the university you choose. But usually, everything is settled in a 1-month period.

From which part of the world I can order?

We work worldwide without the USA. You can order degrees from any part of the world.

Shipping Process?

After your degree is granted from the university they send us pdf format of your degree for approval. Then the degree is shipped by our partners DHL or UPS to your address.

What is degree verification?

Before payment, you will be able to verify that the chosen university from you have really graduated from you. You will receive an online student portal where you will be able to check your student status.

Where is my degree printed?

Your degree is created from the university. We don’t have any legal rights to grant or print degrees in our company.

Can you get me degree from every university?

No. We can get you a degree from certain universities in the country. In order for the process of getting a diploma to be legal, the university needs to have the ability to graduate students based on their working experience.

Is it safe to buy degree from you?

This is the most common question we get. On the internet, everybody says they are the best and have the greatest product. We say to our customers to measure us on the work we have done in the past.

Can I use this degree to get a job?

As you can understand from what we offer the degrees comes directly from reputable UK universities which says a lot about the documents. They can be used in every institution around the world where they accept the UK degrees/diplomas/certificates.

Can you get me lower price?

No. We can’t do that because we have fixed prices with the universities. First we pay tuition fees for your studies and then we take a small fee for the service we do for you.

I lost my degree, can you send me new one?

We can send you a new degree set only after the university agrees to do that. This includes fees for granted but it is possible.

Is it legal?

Yes. We are working with the legal department which helps us where we can use legal loopholes in order to provide you with degrees/diplomas from reputable universities/colleges. This happens only with the help and agreement of the chosen university which is our main service for you.

What is the process step by step

Day 1. You fill the application form.
Day 2. We find you the perfect university.
Day 3. You receive degree verification. 
Day 4. We pay tuition fees to the university. 
Day 5. University starts granting process (Takes 5 business days).
Day 10. The degree is shipped to you by DHL or UPS.

Is it legal to buy a degree.

The service is possible due to our close relationship with UK universities which provides you with the opportunity so to say “buy university degree” in all legal manner in the time frame of 2-weeks.
We help students around the world by giving accurate and updated information on research degree courses, universities and colleges, accommodation, visa applications, careers, and much more.

Getting a degree in the 21st century is expensive and involves a lot of time. We understand that many people don’t have the time to start their new education because of work or family. Here comes our service we will help you obtain a legal degree from a UK university in a short time frame without having to take exams or do homework. To understand more go to our page on how the service works or click HERE.

Our Guaranties

The most important question that every student has while choosing an educational placement agency is, “will there be any guaranteed acceptance?” Although, each case is special and needs to be assessed individually, it is important that there’s some guarantee on the services offered.

Our placement service ensures that all our students find their place within a UK University, and if the student is not yet ready for direct entry we will advise on the alternative pathway programmes. We have strong partnerships with over 60 Universities and an excellent understanding of the British Education System.

Our placement service ensures that all our students find their place within a UK University, and if the student is not yet ready for direct entry we will advise on the alternative pathway programmes. We have strong partnerships with over 60 Universities and an excellent .

The process of buying a degree.

The full process to buy a university degree takes two weeks. From your application, right to getting the degree. Everything we do for our customers is tested and legally approved by UK educational institutions. The work is done step by step and everything is adjusted by your personal needs.

  • Make your application and then our representative will contact you and help trough the process of obtaining the degree. This usually takes 2 days to finish with all of your information and documents.

  • 2. Enrollment in the university

    Its more easy than ever. After you have applied to the chosen university and you are accepted we will help you graduate based on your life experience or skills. You will get online student portal in which all educational materials will be present.

  • 3. Graduating the university

    After you buy university degree and everything is settled it's time to get your diploma. First you will receive online portal with information for your graduation on the university website so everyone can check that you are Alumni of this institution. This takes 30 days for verification.

  • 4. Receive your degree

    After the 30 days end period from your start at the chosen university your degree will be shipped with DHL or UPS to your home. The shipment is 2-3 days and its FREE for our customers. So at the end you have online student portal verifying that you have studied there and full package degree to hold in your hands.